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Day 35-38, Prishtinë-Subotica-Berlin

September 22, 2013

tag_35Day 35, 4.9, Prishtinë-Subotica

It’s the fifth week and I really hoped, that I could cover the long distance to Subotica in one day.

I only chose Subotica to stop in Serbia, because I was fed up with the waiting and exhausted. I have been to Subotica in 2007 so I wanted to return.

At 9am I started in Prishtinë and quickly got a ride to the border. There I talked to some guy – he spoke French – and he told me they would go to Krusevac using the highway. Unfortunately his friend who was driving didn’t take the highway, so I had to wait 90minutes there.

However when the Kosovar guys crossed the border to Serbia with their Kosovar number plate, they had to remove it and fix a temporary Serbian one.

In Krusevac a couple who lived next to the place I tried to hitch-hike invited me on a coffee and we talked about one hour about his working situation and German cars which he was trading with.

When I finally got on a highway rest area I got a ride with a truck for the first time during this trip. He left my behind Belgrade. When it got dark I stopped a car that was driven by a police officer to Novi Sad. He told strange things and was full of hate at the Albanians. E.g. he told me that he hates that the women cover themselves but then that the best Muslims are living in Saudi-Arabia….He usually sleeps 2-3 hours during his job. However I don’t want to discredit him. I mean he was human enough to give a ride.

At the gas station where he left me I ran to a driver who was about to go and he took me to Subotica. At first he said his car would be full, but I could convince him, that there’s still enough space for me.

The way I had to walk to my host E. was the same way I went 6 years ago, which was a nice feeling. E. and his friends welcomed me with a delicious meal, which was good after the long travel.

Prishtinë (C) – Subotica (B), 516km, 11h, 7 cars

Day 36, 5.9, Subotica

I walked through the town, bought some souvenirs and ate at McDonald’s. In the evening I went drinking beer with my host E., who is a nice guy doing sky-diving and who is also learning German.

Day 37-38, Subotica-Berlin

I got quickly to the Serbian/Hungarian border. There I asked a Norwegian guy, who was actually carrying the stuff of the Norwegian Biathlon team, that trained in Bulgaria. He drove me to Bratislava. It has been a neat till then. And it seemed, that I can do the 1000km to Berlin really quick, because a couple stopped driving to Brno. The only problem was, they left my at a rest place that was totally shitty when going to Prague. I waited and asked for four hours till I decided to go by foot to a gas station on the right highway, which was about 5km.

But I forgot, that I was in EU again. After 1km the police stopped me, telling me not to walk on the highway, but beside the safety fence – which was even more dangerous because of some bridges and slopes next to the highway. At the gas station the only driver went to Prague, so I got at least a bit lucky.

Though he left me at a bad gas station, too so I had to walk again, but a very friendly tennis shop owner drove me to a gas station on the highway to Germany. That was at 3.30am.

At 5am a guy that was going to Netherlands took me – and how else should it be? – I got off at a bad place (Dresdener Tor). But this one was worse than the ones before. I crossed the Autobahn several times, which was more dangerous each time.

To make it short, I went with a Polish driver to another place, where a Saxon drove me to Dresdener Tor again. I was so pissed of that nightmare at the end, that I just took a ride to Dresden centre and bought a bus ticket, because I didn’t want to wait any more second.

So honestly I wasn’t able to hitch back to the start – Berlin – but at least back to Germany.

Subotica – Berlin, 1050km, 32h, 8 cars plus one bus

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it

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< back # Day 31-34, Rankovce-Prishtinë (Kosovo)

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