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Day 31-34, Rankovce-Prishtinë

September 22, 2013

tag_31-34  Day 31, 31.8, Rankovce-Preševo

Again a bad hitch-hiking day. Due to certain circumstances I had to wait till noon with starting in direction to Kosovo.

Because Serbia still doesn’t accept Kosovo to be an independent country, I had to enter Serbia before going to Kosovo – and not directly from Macedonia. Otherwise I couldn’t have travelled into Serbia from Kosovo, because I would have entered Serbia illegally – according to Serbian boarder guards.

After one hour of walking and waiting a couple stopped and brought me to the highway near Kumanovo. But from there I couldn’t catch any ride, so I walked all the way to the Macedonian-Serbian border (9,3km). But I had no luck after the border control either. I was already dark, so I just continued to walk another 3,1km till I found a possible place for my tent, invisible from the highway.

At least I had bought enough to drink and to eat.

Rankovce (F) – Preševo (point btw F and A), 51km, 10h, 1 car

Day 32, 1.9, Preševo-Gračanica (Kosovo)

I walked the last 2,7km to the highway exit and got with 2 cars to the border station. The Kosovar border guards were quite cool. We chatted a bit and the even stopped a car to take me to the next town (Gjilan). I didn’t want to go directly to Prishtinë because the woman I was going to stay with made holidays with her children. So I decided to go to Gračanica, which is 10km before Prishtinë and was famous for an Orthodox monastery.

After a while sitting in the monastery’s park, watching a wedding I went to the monastery shop and asked Sister Valentina, whether there may be a little hidden place on the ground to pitch my tent. She had to consider but after 10 minutes she came back telling me camping is not possible…
though she told me I can sleep in a guest complex. Of course I agreed.

The monastery was built in 1318 and currently about 10 nuns are working there. They own land growing pears, wine and other agriculture including beekeeping.

I was glad to be offered a place in the monastery because the surrounding of Gračanica didn’t seem very nice. So I just bought some stuff to eat and read in the evening.

Preševo – Gračanica (B), 76km, 6h, 4 cars

Day 33, 2.9, Prishtinë

TIll noon I kept on reading and got a ride to Prishtinë after 5 minutes of waiting. The passengers were 2 guys who invited my to delicious sandwiches. But at first we had to deal with a big traffic jam in Prishtinë. After eating I went to the Philology campus and chilled till the evening, because my host E. and her children returned late in the evening. She had an apartment with a spectacular view of Prishtinë.

Gračanica – Prishtinë, 10km, 1 car

Day 34, 3.9, Prishtinë

I walked through Kosovo’s capital unhurried, stopped here, bought ice cream there. I went to the National Library which is chosen to be one of the ugliest buildings in the world. Well in my opinion it has an unconventional architecture, but I won’t call it ugly.

In front of every important building – like police stations – you’ll see the Kosovar, Albanian, European Union, US and NATO flag. In addition you can see many of these cars driving through Prishtinë as well.

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