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Day 25-26, Ksamil-Larisa-Velika (Greece)

September 20, 2013

tag_25-26  Day 25, 25.8, Ksamil-Larisa

I was wondering whether it’s possible to hitch the ferries to Corfu from Igoumenitsa. My parents couldn’t answer that question, so decided to transit Greece to Macedonia (FYROM).

I experienced that hitch-hiking in Greece is really difficult. To the Albanian-Greek border it was as easy as in all Albania. A theatre director drove me to the border – he and his wife didn’t go to Greece, they spent holidays in southern Albania.

After entering Greece, I waited long time till I got a ride to Igoumenitsa. There I stood at the first ramp of the highway towards Thessaloniki, many cars were passing, but none stopped. After more than one hour I finally got a ride. And I got really lucky with that one. My driver I. has been to Germany for 15 years so we could talk about the crises and the “hate” against Germany/the government quite objectively. He told me that all the money from Germany was given/is given to the Greek bank and the people have to suffer, because the Greek government pays the money back with firing workers and selling public companies. He and his wife were totally happy to have jobs – unlike 90% of other couples – which they could loose in an blink of an eye, he added. He also told me, that the people are pressured by telling them if they don’t support the government, medicines will be restricted. We agreed that the current capitalism lacks humanity. Some German and Greek politicians and gutter press would let the people fight each other than working together to solve the crises. This causes xenophobia, which I. is very afraid of. He as a Greek said, although he loves his country (the best in the world) he’d leave it if a fascist party wins elections, but until then will fight it with their culture.

On the other side the Greek discovered the team spirit because of all the demonstrations, which is one good thing in I.’s opinion.

Later on he invited me to stay at his place in Larisa. I didn’t know where it is, none my maps showed it. But because I had plenty of time and wanted to be spontaneous and I. and his wife O. were really nice, I agreed. So we picked some figs in his parents garden, ate dinner and talked till 1am. It was very very nice.

Ksamil – Larisa, 315km, 8h, 3 cars

Day 26, 26.8, Larisa-Velika

Before I left I.’s apartment in Larisa he told me about some nice beaches at the coast being 50km away. So I decided to stay one more night in Greece at one of those beaches. At the place I. recommended me I didn’t find any nice beach, so I left my backpack on a beach and started searching on foot. I found some nice bays, but they were not accessible with my heavy backpack. So I went up a dried water fall, which was a bit dangerous – who cares – took my stuff and hitch-hiked on the back of a Jeep to a stony beach where I was alone. With some wood and an abandoned barrel I built a sunblind, listened to some music and read.

At 4.30pm and 6pm I went snorkelling and took some photos although the sea got a bit windy. In the evening I built up my tent and went sleeping next to the noisy sea and under the bright moon.

Larisa – Velika, 53km, ???h, 3 cars 

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