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Day 24, Vlorë-Ksamil/Butrint

September 20, 2013

tag_24  Day 24, 24.8, Vlorë-Ksamil, near Castle of Ali Pasha

The plan was to go directly to Greece. But a plan concerning a specific time doesn’t cope with hitch-hiking often.

So at first he friendly guy with a service car stopped. And he stopped several times for meeting friends, drinking coffee and … beer. At 10am. And I had to drink one, too. But he drank five and drove later on as if it was water.

However then a Russian-Albanian couple picked me up going to Dhërmi due to a party. The next couple stopped with a nice Mercedes. They are living in Great Britain, but it has been a difficult time for both. They migrated with false passports and lived in Greece before. They drove me to Sarandë.
There I checked prices to Corfu and whether it’s possible to hitch the ferry – impossible to hitch, price is 25€, which was to high for me.

So I continued by trying to hitch out of Sarandë. And this was the only time, when I waited 1,5 hours in Albania. But then three very young girls – I think they weren’t even allowed to drive a car, hmm Albania… – left me just behind Ksamil.

It was 5pm and I decided not to continue but to spend the night at that place. It was an old military area near Castle of Ali Pasha where I pitched my tent. It should cause the most exciting night I had since 2011.

Two fishermen were there, too. They didn’t have any success so they ate bread and whatever. When I told them I was planning to stay at the place overnight, one laughed and said, I should watch the drug (cocaine) smugglers. I asked whether he was serious.
He said he was just kidding, put, took out a little bag and asked me if I wanted some cocain? WTF??!! I didn’t try, but I assume the white powder he sniffed was not flour. Then they said good-bye and left me puzzled. Though I stayed, ate something for dinner and went in my sleeping bag.
I didn’t feel insecure because my place was on top of a building and surrounded by some trees, so I was hidden at first glance.

The problem were the mosquitoes. If I wanted to stay “invisible” I couldn’t build up my tent and they bit me. I couldn’t find refuge in my sleeping back because it was very hot. I decided for invisibility and mosquito bites.

I think it was the right decision. I listened to music (with headphones) when at about  9pm (it was already dark) a truck arrived. Five minutes later I heard a boat approaching. People talked, Boxes had been unloaded and loaded. I hold my breath and the mosquitoes their stings into my skin.

I have to admit I was a bit afraid and hoped they won’t take a look around. They didn’t, nobody called my mobile phone which had revealed me and after maybe 25 minutes the truck and the boat were gone. I don’t know what would have happened if they had seen me. I assume it would have depended on what they were doing or smuggling – which was obvious in my opinion.

Later that night some more cars were driving by, but I didn’t care, I passed the “invisibility test”. I just wanted to sleep in my sweaty sleeping bag under the clear sky.

Vlorë – Ksamil, 141km, 7h (with stops of the first driver), 4 cars

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< previous # Day 21-23, Dhërmi (Albania)
next # Day 25-26, Larisa-Velika (Greece) >

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