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Day 19-20, Andrijevica-Vlorë

September 20, 2013

tag_19-20  Day 19, 19.8, Andrijevica-Durrës

After one week at the Eco village it was time to say Good-bye. A friend of A.’s family drove me to Podgorica, but after 30 minutes we had to stop, because a car fell into a small river. On the way to Podgorica we passed scenic rocky landscape through which a railway is going as well. It’s the route from Belgrade to Bar via Podgorica and I could recommend it to every train fan. After having waited 90 minutes outside of Podgorica and man picked me up, drove me to Bar inviting me for an ice cream. In Bar I could go with a just-married couple (Andy from Italy and Magda from Poland) visiting his parents in Durrës.

They had a huge house there and invited me for staying over night. The mother didn’t seem to be happy…but everyone else said it’d be OK.

When we came to Albania I was reminded of Iran. The traffic is as crazy as there, there are few super markets, palms, figs and sunny weather.
All people are driving with brights and are walking with dark clothes on the highway. On the roadside everything is sold; from vegetables and chickens, goats and cows.

The Albanians seem to love Mercedes. Everywhere you look, there are very new of these German cars.

Andrijevica (J) – Durrës, 299km, 9h, 4 cars

Day 20, 20.8, Durrës-Vlorë

Andy told me a thousand times, that hitch-hiking would be impossible in Albania. So he drove me to a bus station. Fortunately it was near the highway and after a walk of half an hour I reached a good spot. I waited for 15 minutes till a car stopped – easy. Nothing is impossible. The next times I waited maybe 5 minutes and 10 seconds. The last guy who drove me to Vlorë was a cool guy from Macedonia living in Belgium now. He told me about the Albania police. You just give them 200 Lek (~1,30€) and they’re happy, cause the can buy 8 ice creams or 4 burek or 2 pizzas. They don’t seem to care about anything. When we were stopped and the driver didn’t fasten his seat-belt the officer just shrugged and we continued without paying any money.

Durrës (K) – Vlorë (L), 116km, 2h, 3 cars

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