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Day 9-10, Sarajevo

September 15, 2013

tag_9-10  Day 9, 9.8, Paklenica-Sarajevo

Before I continued my travel to Sarajevo Slaven gave me some self-made bread and fruits and together with Duško I went to Doboj. There I waited for about 2 hours in the direct sun and it was 39°C. I sweated non-stop – I mean what can one do about it? ^^
Finally I Metka – a woman from Ljubljana – drove me just to Sarajevo. She wanted to show me Bosnian Pyramids which are said to be even older than the ones from Egypt. But due to Bajram they couldn’t be visited. For lunch she invited me to join her and a friend of hers for a pizza.

That friend drove me to a ridiculously expensive campingsite (10Eur per night) in Ilidža. But before he gave me a ride around Sarajevo by car.

Paklenica (I) – Sarajevo (J), 142km, 5h, 3 cars

Day 10, 10.8, Sarajevo

Usually Lonely Planet country guides suggest things to do in a city depending on how long you want to stay (usually 2, 4 and 6 days). In Sarajevo, they only had a suggestion for 2 days:

“Hop on a tram and rattle up to Ilidža and back to see what’s what. Wander into and get lost in Baščaršija, grab ćevapčić at Željo and walk over the river to check out the Sarajevo Brewery.
Wake up with breakfast at Mash. Take a city tour and get ready for a night out starting at the Zlatna Ribica, then aim for the City Pub and finish at the Club.”

So me being alone and didn’t want to go out, I just walked around, up some hills. I guess with same friends Sarajevo can be a more exiting city.

I was the first time, that the sun didn’t shine and some rain caused an comfortable climate.

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< previous # Day 7-8, Paklenica (Bosnia)
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