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Day 7-8, Paklenica

September 15, 2013

tag_7-8  Day 7, 7.8, Ćela-Paklenica

Because of the last day of Ramadan, the Muslim family joined me eating breakfast, but didn’t eat anything.

The daughter (Selma) has been to Germany from 1992 till 1999 in Offenbach during the war, but had to leave Germany. As many other young people in Bosnia – but the whole Balkan as well – she doesn’t have a job, has nothing to do during the day. Her only occupation is playing with her son and helping her grandmother some days a week. For her “Germany is the best place on earth”. They were happy to help a German guy, after the Germans helped a lot of Bosnian people.
Although the war is over for many years, one still could recognize the animosity. E.g. Selma’s sister told me a story about a Muslim girl that was hit by a car.  The driver was a Serbian girl and everytime the sister used the word “Serbian” she lowered her voice, which sounded strange.

They organized me a ride to Prijedor from where I went to Banja Luka. This is a very large city in Bosnia and a famous student city. But I just passed it and didn’t go to Doboj by using the highway, but I went with the Slovenian guy Dragan who delivered 1m³ container for water to some quite remote villages.

When I was waiting again the police came by again. I read crazy things about the Bosnian police, so I hid my Euros. But they were really nice, didn’t even ask for my passport and no bakshish. Just whether everything’s OK, where I’m going and if I had any problems so far – which I didn’t, apart from the heat of about 37°C.

On my way from Doboj to Paklenica, which is a village at Bosna river, I saw the “Caution Mines” signes for the first time. The Bosna river separated Serbian and Muslim villages in this region. And this time I was on the Serbian site.
With a young German guy (Stefan) and his friend Duško I pitched my tent near the “Adolfbunker” at the riverbank of Bosna, when I could wash myself.

In the evening we all met again and their friend Slaven joined us, lit a fire and ate grilled corn, drank beer and chatted under the stars.

Ćela – Paklenica, 168km, 8h, 6 cars

Day 8, 8.8, Paklenica

Because it was really fun to hang with the three guys I decided to stay one more day in Paklenica. So in the morning Duško, Slaven and I ate breakfast and went with a baby tractor to a small lake called Šilak up in the mountains. At noon Duško and I went with Stefan the pool in Doboj, where we spent the hole afternoon. Before going back we spent the time till the bus went off with a small tour through Doboj and eating some ice cream.
In the evening I ate Ćevapčići for the first time and it was really delicious and met with a friend of Slaven who is living in  Australia now.

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