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Day 5-6, Banovsho jezero, Ćela

September 15, 2013

tag_5-6  Day 5, 5.8, Koprivnica-Banovsho jezero (G)

After an easy morning I started hitch-hiking at 11am, but the problem was that the fifth August is a very high holiday in Croatia. The Victory Day refers to the capture of the Serb town Knin in 1995. So nearly noone was driving and I waited for hours in a small village. At least there was a plumber tree.
In general there are many wild fruit trees like apple plumbers and pears next to the street. You’ll never get hungry.

But this should be the first time, I was rescued by French guys. Together with the couple we searched for a nice place to spend the night and we decided for Banovsho jezero near Kutina where we swam and ate pasta.

Koprivnica (F) – Banovsho jezero (G), 135km, 6h, 5 cars

Day 6, 6.8, Banovsho jezero-Ćela (H)

We took breakfast together, went shopping in Kutina and they drove me near the Croatian-Bosnia border. There the police stopped me saying hitch-hiking would be illegal in Croatia, could be fined with 100EUR and I should cross the border immediately, because in Bosnia and Herzegovina it’s allowed. I didn’t want any trouble so I just put on my your-are-idiots-smile and accepted the detour.

After I crossed the border I needn’t stop a car, a driver and his son stopped by himself – he spoke French. He took me to a market where I was told a driver could take me near my destination Prijedor. So I waited and talked with all the people working there. I don’t know how they make money. I didn’t see any customer, however the made lots of fun and had a nice time.

In Prijedor I bought some food and walked to Ćela – a muslim village -, because I thought it’s nice place for camping due to a nearby lake (Ribnak). While walking to  the lake a Swedish Bosnian in his car stopped and asked, whether he could help me. He showed me the small mosque and he asked a friend (Ferhad), if I could sleep on his field. Later Ferhad and his grandson Tarik came to offer me a place in an empty room, that looked a bit like a garage.

Banovsho jezero – Ćela (H), 76km, 5,5h, 4 cars

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< previous # Day 3-4, Koprivnica (Croatia)
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