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Day 3-4, Koprivnica

September 15, 2013

tag_3-4  Day 3, 3.8, Koprivnica

After 9 hours sleep under the sky I hitch-hiked to Koprivnica. First Goran stopped, who went by foot from Ptuj to the Slovenian coast and then a Swiss guy – visiting as most of the foreigners his relatives.

The county of Koprivnica is famous for the food industry and there are GMO (gen modified organism) corn field anywhere…

Together with my host A., who is very busy running two cafés and working in her parent’s business, we went swimming to lake Šoderica and stole some non GMO corn to eat afterwards.

In the evening A.’s friends gather together at her house and we drank some home-made wine before going to an open-air technoparty on a field. About 40 people were there and it was interesting watching grandpas letting themselves guide by the sound next to young guys fighting each other.

The ride back home was nice, because her sister having been drunk drove chaotically, ignoring red lights and even the police. At her house we sat till 6am and talked with some more friends.

Ptuj (E) – Koprivnica (F), 91km, ca. 4h, 2 cars

Day 4, 4.8, Koprivnica

In the afternoon we met with A.’s friends again and went to river Drava to swim with the current. In the evening sat together again, eating and talking.

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