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Day 11-18, Komovi (Andrijevica)

September 15, 2013

tag_11-18  Day 11, 11.8, Sarajevo-Durmitor-Andrijevica (K)

It’s a long way to Andrijevica, that’s why I stood up early and walked to the airport to hitch from there. After 20 minutes a guy stopped going directly to Podgorica. So I changed my plan and decided to go through Durmitor region. It was the right decision, because the landscape has been totally breathtaking, even though my driver’s stomach needed a break in this beautiful mountains.

That day I had much hitch-hiking luck. French and Italian guys and a Montenegrin couple  gave me rides, the waiting time was rather short.

In Andrijevica I waited for my host A., but she was busy so I waited in front of the only hotel in Andrijevica. It got later and later and at some time all the kids and youth from Andrijevica gathered around me. Unfortunately their English was not really existent. And the only child who spoke some English only talked nonsense. One boy who was 11 years old told me, he already trank some Rakija (schnaps) and beer – I couldn’t tell whether he told the truth but I heard later, that children really start drinking alcohol early. As the night approached midnight many of them were gone but the remaining ones kept asking me, where I would sleep and that A. would have forgotten me.  At midnight I gave in a they went with me to a place when I could pitch my tent. Luckily on the way we met A. She bought some Ćevapčići and we waited for her brother Branko who was partying and returned at about 3am.

We went with a nearly no gas to the mountains to their cabins. And of course halfway the car stopped – the gas was not enough. So we pushed the car down again.
Eventually with another car we went up again and went to bed at about 4.30am.

Sarajevo – Andrijevica, 316km, 10h, 7 cars

Day 12 till day 18

In the Cabin eco village in the mountains I laid back and had holidays. I read quite a lot. One day I hiked or ran up to Vasojevivički (from 1700m up to 2461m) in 90 minutes, although the guides say it takes 3 hours. It was not too easy but unfortunately I couldn’t have a clear view, still it was enough to see some other mountains and the sun was shining. When I went down, I hiked aside the way and found a nice stone formation.
The next day I took a bicycle and went down to Andrijevica (from 1700m to 700m, ~25km) which took about one hour. I bought some cigarettes, chocolate and used the internet. The way up was very exhausting, but it was a nice challenge and I did it in less than 2 hours; but I had to eat a bar of chocolate on the way and afterwards, I couldn’t feel my legs.

The other days usually after I got up and ate breakfast I went outside to read. From noon on I started helping in the restaurant till closing-time. Then we chatted, cook something for ourselves and just relaxed.
The food was cooked by A.’s mum who’s really a great cook and the Montenegrin dishes – like Kačamak, a potato dish.

One evening we went out to bars in Andrijevica and Berane with two of A.’s friends, Branko and their cousin Marko. The last bar had live music. 3 singers sang traditional Montenegrin songs, but it was very loud and many old people sat there. Fortunately I had good company. In the early morning before going home we stopped at the bakery and went to bed at 4am.

I was a relaxing time, the weather was usually warm and sunny the air was clear and reading in this beautiful landscape was nice.

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< previous # Day 9-10, Sarajevo (Bosnia)
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