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Day 1-2, Berlin-Ptuj (Maribor)

September 13, 2013

tag_1-2  Day 1,2, 1.8, Berlin-Munich-Villach-Ljubljana-Ptuj

I never started this late for my summer journey – I got up at 6 o’ clock and actually started to hitch-hike to Munich at 7.30 . 13 cars went to Munich, but all passed. Who stopped was the police banning me from the street 10 minutes before I decided to take the commuter train to a rest station on the Autobahn.

The hitch-hiking went pretty bad, I arrived in Munich at 8pm. Before I met 2 boys, who wanted to go south as well. Whether we tried to stop cars together or everyone by oneself – it seemed noone was in the mood take hitch-hikers.

From Munich, 2 cars later we were in  Salzburg. There we split. I stood up all night and in the morning after desperately asking people, I went with two young Germans to Ljubljana to a toll station. Unfortunately the staff didn’t allow me to hitch on the street, so I had to go inside Ljubljana. Everyone who hitched before knows that getting out of cities is quite difficult. It took me about another 7 hours.

I went from one highway entrance to another – at the last one finally a business man stopped and took me near Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia.
At that time it was already twilight, so I just went down a way into the woods and pitched my tent.

Berlin – Ptuj (E), 1139km, 32h, 7 cars

next # Day 3-4, Koprivnica (Croatia) >

next # Day 3-4, Koprivnica (Croatia) >

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