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My first journey in 2011 to Iran was only by bus and train – and I returned by air plane.

The next year, 2012, I decided not to use the air plane and “added” hitch-hiking or auto-stop instead, when I went to Scandinavia via Eastern Europe and Russia.

After I started hitch-hiking in Germany as well and already made more 10’000km I decided on a Balkan tour ONLY by auto-stop. The Balkans were the Ex-Yugoslavia countries Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Montenegro (Crna Gora), Macedonia (FYROM), Kosovo and Serbia. But due to the little distance I went to Albania and Greece as well.

In total I was on the road for 38 days – from the 1st August till the 7th September 2013, covering about 5200km. Apart from about 200km, I only travelled using auto-stop / by hitch-hiking. Just the last stage from Dresden to Berlin I could stand the waiting time, the bad spot and people who don’t want to take someone in their empty car any more and took the bus. At least I did it to Germany.

From the 37 nights I spent 17 nights in my tent from which 8 were in the nature. The others I did Couchsurfing or was invited to stay at people’s houses.

Because this time the journey was the reward (doing auto-stop was main my intention and not visiting cities/towns)  don’t expect exceptional photos. I had great experiences, but they don’t fit on photos….

A huges thanks goes to all who helped me in any form while travelling!

If you liked my travel blog I’d be happy if you tell your friends or share it on social networks.

I want to apologize for any mistakes I made. If you find any, it’ll be nice if you let me know.
For any question, you can contact me via email: blog[ät]

Start the travel blog

La Tour des BalkansEach green pin usually represents a point, where I slept

Start the travel blog

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